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Residential Notification System (RNS)

In the world we live in today, concerns about safety and security are paramount. The Residential Notification System (RNS) is a state-of-the-art communications support system offered by the Ferrara Management Group Inc. Through this innovative system, managers keep residents, owners, and employees informed in the event of emergencies or other critical situations within minutes. RNS delivers notifications of power outages, water shutdowns, or service interruptions (elevator, heat/air conditioning, pool status) instantly via voice, text, email, and social media messaging. While essential for issuing these alerts, RNS also allows residents to stay informed remotely about community events, meetings, and other important matters.

Should you wish to enroll in RNS, please complete the enrollment form below and select which method of notification you prefer. You have the option of receiving notifications either by text messaging, e-mail, or voice alert or can receive all three types of alerts simultaneously.  Text and e-mail alerts will be sent in sent in English, should you wish to have it sent in another language please indicate below and we will try to accommodate.